Young people’s mobility at the European level.

What is Erasmus+ ?

It is the EU plan for Instruction, Training, Youth, and Sport in Europe which is aimed at people of all ages.

The Erasmus+ program is the container of all the learning and mobility programs offered by EU which aims to contribute to growth, employment, social equity and integration by promoting the sustainable development of its partners in the field of education.

Among the specific objectives of the program:

  • reducing unemployment;
  • promote education for adults;
  • reducing school dropouts;
  • promoting collaboration and mobility with EU partner countries.

Foundation its aerospace/mechatronics in international mobility

ITS participates in the ERASMUS+ program to promote mobilities of young people at an European level.

The programmes provided with European partners are rich for our students, waiting to materialize with the renewal of the ECHE card.

Collection of Official Documents

  • Guide to the Erasmus+ Program
  • Field by field, all the news of the 2021 Call for proposals
  • Call for proposals 2021 – EAC/A01/2021
  • 2021 yearly work program

Erasmus + mobility for internship call for proposals

Erasmus + holds internships abroad for students currently enrolled in higher education institutes.

Doing an internship abroad with Erasmus+, the internship student will have the opportunity of obtaining specific skills, a better understanding of socio-economic culture of the host country, deepening their language, communication and intercultural skills and especially soft skills which are very highly regarded by future employers.


Stories which promote the international dimension of Erasmus+ through real life examples, showing how international cooperation is helping EU and outside EU citizens to internationalize. Through a series of testimonials, we discover the advantages of participating in the Erasmus+ Mobility.

Focus on number and costs

Is Erasmus worth it? Should you go in Erasmus?

Paolo Crepet, sociologist, psychologist, and writer talks about the importance of performing an Erasmus mobility to develop independence and sense of responsibility

Internationalization Office Contacts

Carlo Cavicchioli – Head Office International Agreements

Elena Chiaberge – Studentship and International Relationship

Luisa Cornero – Mechatronics and Aerospace Course Director

Filippo Liardi – Sustainable Mobility Area Course Director

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