We provide High Level Technical Specialization post-diploma courses in a context where technologies can be touched and where students, companies and professionals experiment and really work side by side.

All holders of higher secondary education diplomas can access our educational activities, after passing selections.

Completion of final exams (at the end of the II year of the course), allows our students to obtain a Higher Technical Degree with skill certification which correspond to the V level of the European Qualification Framework.

The title is recognized at a national and European level.


teachers coming from the industrial world

technology mentors

godmother companies

Identikit of the ITS training courses

To whom they are addressed

Young people and adults who are mainly unemployed, who own the secondary school.


Two-year (4 semesters), equal to a total of 1.800 hours.
Each year, of the duration of 900 hours, includes theoretical, practical and laboratory lessons made with the direct involvement of technicians coming from companies of the reference field for more than 80% of teaching hours.


Compulsory for at least 80% of the total hours of the course.
Courses are held mainly in daytime hours, from Monday to Friday. During internship or High Education Apprenticeships periods, the schedule will be that of the company where the activity will take place.

Internship or High Education Apprenticeship

At least 30% of the hours will be dedicated to internship or High Education Apprenticeship activities. These will take place in the II semester of the second year in the companies of the ITS’s network and will have the purpose of completing the formation of the outbound profile.

The method

Education based on the alternation between practical exercises, theory lessons, laboratory activities, visits and/or internships in companies and the development of project work.


Entry selection which consists of:

  • test for assessment of language skills (English level B1), computer science (basic PC use skills) and general scientific and technical knowledge;
  • aptitude/motivational interview.

Diploma and final certification

Higher Education Diploma issued by the Ministry of Education after passing a final exam. The Diploma obtained corresponds to Level V of the European Qualification Framework (EQF).


Free courses for the participant as they’re entirely financed by the Ministry of Education and the Piedmont Region through POR FSE.

Educational Areas

We prepare the future protagonists of industry giving our students skills and sensitivity necessary to become real trend setters, professionals able to lead companies in tomorrow’s production, especially in these fields:


Planning, development and programming of mechatronic systems for flexible production (FMS), industrial automation systems and on-board mechatronic systems


Design of innovative machines and systems for the mechatronic field, industrial automation, productive process management and quality assurance.
The activities take place using the main enabling Business 4.0 technologies


Management of the various phases of transfer of materials from receiving of raw materials to shipping of the finished products; optimization of the various phases through the application of the most advanced methodologies for supply of production line.


Design and implementation of commercial and marketing strategies for companies active in the industrial/B2B markets at a national and international level.

Courses currently being planned and waiting for the Implementing decree of the ITS course (3.10ii.11.1.1) of the Piedmont Region and subject to approval for financing.

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